Matuszakstan is a country on the planet Earth3. It was founded in the year 3169, as Earth2 was in decline, and long after Earth succumbed to a planetwide cataclysm, effectively rendering it unfit for unprotected habitation for several thousand years. Thanks to unprecedented advances in science and technology, as well as a profitable alliance with an other-world race of beings known as the Szerians, with their planet-making capability, there can be no limit to the Earths of the future, so long as there are numbers to give them.
Matuszakstan was claimed and named by Sir Santiago de Gama Matuszak, who, with his bride Princess Anastasia Tatiana Shaddam III, fled from Earth2 in peril and threat of capture and punishment by King Vladimir Muhammed Shaddam, the Princess's father, who had promised his daughter's betrothal to a business associate, against her wishes. Sir Santiago's devotion to his illegal bride forced them to escape to another planet, where they lived in secrecy by declaring an enormous land mass a country and naming it after Santiago's honored family legacy. They were swiftly caught by bounty hunters and beheaded publicly, leaving the newly founded land in total anarchy for decades. However, unbeknownst to King Vladimir, his daughter had secretly given birth to quadruplets, and had their care assured by giving them up to loyal aides and entrusting that their identities be kept a secret until the proper time. What follows is the account of a phoenix of a kingdom arising from the ashes of jealousy and greed and taking its place of glory in the Universe. Maybe.
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