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Our Mission

The Children’s Learning Museum explores the world through the eyes of children by making learning an exciting, multi-sensory experience and encouraging creativity, discovery and curiosity. Interactive exhibits and innovative programs are designed to foster a passion for lifelong learning and provide an educational resource for the entire community, especially families and schools.

The Children’s Learning Museum is committed to enriching educational opportunities for all children through outreach programs in literacy, music, art, science, peace, unity and esteem, and to building a welcoming environment and an inclusive community where children and adults are encouraged to learn from each other.

We celebrate imagination and strive to activate children’s intellectual and creative potential, strengthening their appreciation and understanding of the self, other people, and the world around us.

The Children's Learning Museum (CLM) was established with the goal of creating a hands-on museum to give kids an opportunity to explore, create, and discover in a safe and nurturing environment. We are excited about how much we have accomplished in the past few years and are looking forward to the many activities and events we are planning for the future.

The Children's Learning Museum is at the exciting early stage of its development. We are launching fundraising efforts on numerous fronts, including grant writing, community events, and local business sponsorships. We are assembling coalitions across diverse groups on the local and state political level to strengthen both our project and the community as a whole. Most importantly, we are building a community of committed volunteers to make the museum a reality.


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